About Us

As our charism mandates, the School Sisters of St. Francis continue to adapt to the needs of the times in our mission to serve the poor and otherwise needy – whether it be in education, health care, religious education, social work or community service.

Here are just a few activities we are able to continue with the generous support of our donors and friends:

  • St. Francis Center for Renewal in Bethlehem, Pa., hosts a wide variety of innovative retreats and workshops.
  • Marian Hall Home in Pittsburgh, Pa., provides dignified care for the aged in an environment built on Catholic values.
  • Our Franciscan Resource Center in San Angelo, Texas, provides education and guidance in the spirit of St. Francis, and houses an office to assist immigrants pursuing citizenship.
  • Our Sisters at St. John Mission in South Africa provide care and education to children who would otherwise be homeless and abandoned victims of AIDS.
  • Our Sisters in Bethlehem, Pa., have pioneered the Monocacy Farm Project to provide healthy, low-cost food options for the community.
  • Our Sisters work toward alleviating poverty, environmental issues and the human trafficking epidemic in our country.
  • Several Sisters continue our 103-year tradition of education, exceling as teachers and principals to children of all ages.
  • Our vocation team is active in the community, nurturing an interest in religious life among youth and single Catholic women.
  • Our Sisters serve church communities, ministering in religious education, working with troubled teens, visiting the sick and overseeing burial and comital services.
  • Our retired and infirmed Sisters remain actively involved in prayer ministry, accepting prayer requests from around the country for friends like you.
  • Our Provincial Administration continues to strategize to address the changing needs of the times, including the very real retirement needs of our aging Sisters and the future of our community.

Our Sisters in Action

  • We work in schools and preschools as teachers, administrative assistants and office aides.
  • We work in social services, helping the elderly, children, families and the impoverished.
  • We serve in parishes and churches as directors of religious education, pastoral administrators, and diocesan liaisons.
  • We minister in health care and elder care as administrators, nurses, patient aides and activities directors.
  • We minister in such varied environments as campus ministry, housing management, vocations, and missionary work.
  • We administrate and lead retreats and innnovative programs at St. Francis Center for Renewal.
  • We serve full-time in internal ministry as leaders, office workers, building managers, historians, archivists and more to keep our congregation running on a daily basis.
  • Even when retired or infirmed, we remain active in prayer ministry and general community service.

Our Provincial Administration
Sister Frances Marie Duncan | Provincial Minister
Sister Marian Sgriccia | Provincial Vicar
Sister Barbara Brown | Provincial Councilor
Sister Kathleen Kudlac, Provincial Councilor & Secretary
Sister M. Virginelle Makos | Provincial Councilor

Administration E-mail: administrationusa@schoolsistersosf.org

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